About Browne Brodie

One of the secrets of a successful business practice is to manage change successfully and to adapt to new circumstances without losing one's identity and essential culture, and this is what Browne Brodie Attorneys has managed to achieve.

Since its inception, Browne Brodie Attorneys has witnessed many and far reaching changes in our society, customs, government and even the legal system in this country. But through all of this it has managed to hold true to its fundamental values, chief amongst which are service excellence and client care.

Four generations of partners, dedicated to professionalism of the highest order, have ensured that the firm has not stagnated, but rather kept abreast of changing circumstances and maintained its reputation as one of the most respected legal practices in KwaZulu Natal.





La Lucia Ridge
Physical: 5 Sinembe, Sinembe Crescent, Sinembe Park, La Lucia Ridge, South Africa | Postal: Browne Brodie Attorneys, PO Box 714, Durban, 4000
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